Evie Phillips | Authenticity requires a measure of vulnerability, transparency, & integrity
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Authenticity requires a measure of vulnerability, transparency, & integrity

Janet Louise Stephenson


I’ve traveled the world for work and play, been a Serial Entrepreneur for 15+ years and a consultant for 10, the past 5 1/2 have been spent as the Founder and CEO of Creeds Collective —  a full-service digital branding and social influence tech company.  

No one could have told me I would be here nor could they have assured me I would make it. I’ve got tips, hacks, templates and lots of business advice.

What’s all the hard work for if you’re not willing to share it?  #WORKSMARTNOTHARD #NOTHINGHAPPENSOVERNIGHT 


This novella portion is insight about relationships — friendships, bussinessships, and lifeships. L-O-V-E has impacted and infected my every molecule. 

Understanding the process and reasoning behind any kind of relationship can be difficult — sometimes they’re filled with joy, sometimes they’re filled with dismay.

Questions for self, how do you deal? How do you react? WHAT are next steps? You can get eaten up! And the options? You either get swallowed or you swim out — let me help you chose the latter. Love all, trust few, do wrong to no one.


I love God and I am not afraid to tell the world about it. Whoa!!! The most controversial topic and highly acclaimed conversation ever…..Religion? Nope, I’m not religious! Not at all, but I am a fan of having a friendship with the Lord.

Not all know my stories, wins or my defeats, but God knows and he has been there for me when “my world” was not.

These are EXTRAordinary adventures shared with joy in my heart and praise on my lips!!! You can take my faith-filled pennings as a form to relate or a form to hate, I’m just the messenger.


Evie Phillips #EviesWanderlust

A Bit About Me

In my last website, I admittedly wrote this little “about me” ditty from a third party perspective — this time I figure, it’s best to give you the “about me” goods from the first, and only, party perspective — moi!


So here’s most of it, in an elevator pitch; Missouri-born, Indiana-Hawaii Bred (little awesome weird situation there, will explain in detail later), New York City Teen and 21st-century #BossBrain.


BA in Advertising and Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology — I have quite literally worked since way (like way) before I was old enough to apply for an employment license.


I am a Serial Entrepreneur and sometimes referred to by my peers as “The Queen of Social Media” (don’t judge my following you run an agency + 25+ social media accounts). With a long line of expertise in branding, digital marketing, corporate social responsibility, and social impact.


There’s a freedom that comes with having your own #BossBrain and dedicating it to your dream. Don’t back out now, if you feel it (gut and heart) it’s real, but you better be ready to work your tail off honey. Ain’t nobody handing out silver spoons at the beginning of your Entrepreneurial journey or ever.

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